Sampson's Car Repairs - Winners in the 2018 Quality Business Awards!

So, in accepting the business award last night for Sampson’s Car Repairs, my speech was far from impressive, perhaps a bit too much wine on board, in shock and totally unprepared, I proceeded to have a dig at my husband for being at home in track pants watching the football, or something to that effect.This is what should have been said.... Thank to the founding Sampson’s Eric and Len, thank you to Tony, Nic and Patti Sampson for entrusting us to carry on the business after them. Thank you to Nic for continuing to pump out the work daily and to Patti for helping us in so many ways especially helping with our sons so we can do what we do.A big thank you to all our dedicated staff, awesome friends, caring family and loyal customers for supporting and encouraging us, but most of all I really do need to thank my hardworking, devoted husband Luke. Without his tireless efforts we wouldn’t be in a position to be accepting any award or receiving the accolades we have overnight and this morning. So thank you my love.... #2018qbas

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